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CBD for treating Migraines

By: David Murphy      Throughout our life, we are going to experience a migraine, from moderate to severe. I have 2 sons who almost black out from the pain, causing their vision to do what appears to be a form of tunneling, where the room closes in on them....

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Marijuana for Instant Migraine Relief [Strains that work FAST]

By: MJbreak With more and more testing and research starting to emerge the benefits Cannabidiol has on migraines is becoming more clear. Migraines are complex, can have many causes, and cause those who experience them to suffer greatly. CEDS is understood to be a lack...

Dr Sanjay and I agree, medical marijuana helps my migraines

By: Pollyanna Two and a half year old Lavie Parush was diagnosed with severe epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy at birth. Moments of happiness were all too brief. He would suffer from dozens of seizures a day, leaving him with brain damage. This seizures continued until he...

Study Shows Marijuana Reduces Migraines Headache

By: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus The significance of this study what we were looking at is patients who had migraine headaches and who were using medical marijuana and we found that after patients used medical marijuana they had a decrease in their...